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Tbilisi Walking Tour

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! During its more than 1500 years of history, it has seen a lot, victories and defeats, ups and downs. Each era left its indelible imprint on the city. Tbilisi is like a magic box with many hidden corners. Even the residents of Tbilisi, who were born and raised in this city, continue to discover more and more secrets in it. Within walking distance, an Orthodox church peacefully coexists with a Catholic cathedral, a Muslim mosque and a Jewish synagogue.

The streets of old Tbilisi are a labyrinth that goes into the depths of history, you can wander through them endlessly, discovering new stories of human lives and past eras. Each building is unique, no matter if it has received a new shine after restoration or is waiting in the wings when the turn of renovation comes to them. Tbilisi is a mix of cultures, eras, and traditions. Carved balconies, Georgian courtyards, Majestic Cathedrals, small churches, domes of sulfur baths, old walls covered with ivy; cozy shady parks, calling tired travelers to sit down and relax; cobbled streets running up; huge trees that have taken root in old houses and become part of them; ultra-modern buildings - a tribute to our fast-paced time, coexist peacefully in this city, not crowding out, but complementing each other. And of course, Kura (in Georgian Mtkvari) slowly carrying its muddy waters, dividing the city into two parts. All this is Tbilisi, the warmest and most hospitable city in the world. When you come here, you will leave a part of your heart here. It is impossible to say better than a poet:

...Whoever left, he knows immutably
It is impossible to leave Tbilisi.
Tbilisi does not leave you,
When it escorts you on the road .
And if you start to forget, somewhere in the atrium
The rock lens of Kachoueta will pierce.
Like the fact that the Milky Way is immortally milky
I believe that this city is eternal.


Our company invites you to a group walking tour in Tbilisi.

The duration of the tour is 4-4.5 hours.


  • Wall of the old city;
  • Theatre Square, Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater Tower;
  • Anchiskhati Temple is the most diurnal temple in Tbilisi;
  • Residence of Patriarch Ilya II;
  • Bridge of Peace;
  • Tbilisi Synagogue;
  • Armenian Church of St. Gevorg XIV century;
  • The winding streets of the old town;
  • Juma mosque XIX century;
  • Sioni Cathedral XI century;
  • Abanotubani Sarny baths area;
  • Fig Gorge, waterfall;
  • Metekhi Temple XI century

Tour price: 20 $

Children under 6 are free, ages 6-12 are $10

Beginning of the tour: Svobody Square.

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Tour Manager Ekaterina
Tel: +995 593 238 771< /p>

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