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Racha is one of the most beautiful areas of beautiful Sakartvelo, that's what Georgians call their country. Majestic mountains, meadows, dense forests, emerald lakes, majestic temples and fortresses with a long history, fast rivers that take their origins from the melting snow of the mountain peaks of the Caucasus range, slopes and valleys densely planted with vineyards and amazing people who inhabit these fabulous places make this region unique.

And if you add to this natural splendor wines that produce here and original cuisine, all comparisons with Switzerland, which are usually carried out, seem inappropriate and unconvincing. After all, in Switzerland there is no "Khvanchkara" or "Tetra"or "Tsolikauri". It's safe to say that everyone who to the question "have you Tried Khvanchkara?"they say Yes, they are mistaken. Because "Khvanchkara" you can try only here, in Racha, where they grow grape varieties Aleksandrouli and mujuretuli, from which it turns out is a sweet, dark ruby wine with hints of raspberry. And there are many options to try and compare wines from different manufacturers. After all, every respectable family has several hectares of land, where slender rows of grapes are pleasing to the eye and after collecting winemakers compete, who will get the best wine this year! We can safely say that everyone will have it unique and beautiful, because everyone put his soul into it, a lot of work and centuries-old knowledge of ancestors!

Rtveli is a traditional grape harvest festival.

R tveli is a traditional grape harvest festival. Almost all families in Kakheti, with the help of neighbors and friends, harvest grapes and make wine. The process is accompanied by real festivities with the most beautiful Georgian polyphonic songs and incendiary dances.

The Rtveli tour will give you the opportunity to learn about the centuries-old traditions of winemaking and the opportunity to participate in the process of making young wine. And of course you will have the opportunity to try Georgian wines of many varieties.

Sea resorts of Georgia

Sea tours to Georgia — this is a great opportunity to combine a vacation at the sea with excursions to the magnificent Georgia.

Especially for you we have prepared beach tours to Georgia with rest on the picturesque black sea coast. The best Georgian sea resorts are waiting for you: Batumi, Ureki, Kobuleti, Kvariati, Chakvi, Sarpi, Green Cape. Exciting excursions ,master classes, wine tastings, and a good mood for the whole year.

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