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My name is Ellena Lobanova. I am founder and CEO of “Good Life Tour” agency from 2012 till present. I born and lived in Russia, but I live in Georgia from 1991 till present. During this period of time I fell in love with Georgia with his traditions, I realize that Georgia is not a small country, but it’s very rational and different one.

People who wants to visit other countries, first of all they wants discover new places, they explore culture of old nations and want to have new impressions. In Georgia there is everything for that kind of interests: Mountains with snow, beautiful valleys, vineyards, gardens, Alpine meadows, seaside resorts and even desert. Georgia is country with interesting history, architectural monuments are old many centuries, interesting national traditions, our winemaking is more than 8000 years old. But our the most important treasure is a nation of this country, with their wisdom and hospitality.

We Georgians believe that guest is from God, We try our guests have such feeling about themselves. We always trying they have feeling that they meet with their old friends with a face of Georgians. And it’s not depend on our guest is single person or presents with corporate group.

Our standart is our great responsibility for our clients, for their safety, for planning their tours with professional way. We love our country and we trying to our guests have same feeling about our country in their hearts. And we hope this love make them want to come back in Georgia again and again and we always achieve our goals in this field.

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