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We agree to send you with us on the birthplace of the famous Georgian wine, in the land of wild vessels and vineyards! · Meet the guide and the guide. · Start of Excursions at 10.00. (Continuation of Excursions 7-8 hours) · Monastery of the Holy Nine in Bodbe. The first churches were erected in Kakheti in the 4th century, during the time of the Holy Apostolic Nine, the educators of Georgia. Namely, she brought Christianity to the same region. Здесь в Кахетии, находится и могила надйн од самых nderтаемых Грузинских святых. According to tradition, the saint found her own place of rest. Tsar Kartli, Miriam, the first of the Georgian emperors to sign the consecration, wished for the burnt body of Nina in his throne Mtshetu. But they go to places with graves and do not smoke. And every day the remains of Nino are buried in the monastery of Bodbe, rising from a small church above the Holy of Holies. · Responsible in the city of Love-Signals. One of the main adherents of the city - the fortress, founded by the notorious Georgian Tsar Heraclius II on the slopes of the hill. Walls of fortresses are excellently preserved. The height of the miraculous species of the Alazani valley, vineyards, hills is revealed. Appeal rolls, two-story home with beautiful pieces. Здесь хочется дышать полной грудью, Петь и любить. Кстати, ЗАГСы в Сигнахи открыты кролоссуточно! Visit to the Ethnographic Museum in Signagi. · Then we will be made in the village of Chumlaki, where we will be able to live in a village house, with a Georgian tamadoy. · Tsinandali gender village from one of the only known Georgian families, Princess Chavchavadze. This family gave peace to famous politicians, military leaders, travelers and scholars. We visit the royal wine funeral, in which the unique wine collection is fed, we collect sick leaves. 16 тысяч бутылок! You can get rid of it in the park, on which road someone shot Russian diplomat and writer Alexander Griboedov with his wife, Nino Chavchavadze. I also see my own eyes, how the Georgian aristocrats live. · Счастливые и пьяные от любви вы возвращяитесь в Tbilisi! 

  • Standing tour of a single person in a group of 10 people: lari ($ 30) Existence tour enters:
  • Transport service on a comfortable transport.
  • Services guide to all programs.
  • Ticket at the Signagi Museum.
  • Ticket to the place Cindandali.
  • Обед и дегустация вин в гостях у винодела.
  • Mineral water 0.5 liters per person.

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